3 Tips to Managing Gen Z Employees

Category: Corporate Culture

Generation Z is coming to the workplace! In fact, in many cases, Gen Z is already here.

Gen Z, of course, are the age cohort born roughly between 1997 and 2012. That makes the oldest of them 23-years-old. For the next decade or so, every young person you hire will be a member of Generation Z.

It’s important to know their characteristics in order to manage Gen Z workers effectively. Here are three management tips.

1. They are smart tech-savvy, but also like human touch.

Their older siblings, the Millennials, are often referred to as digital natives. That goes for Gen Z too, of course, but in their case, they are savvy about smart, networked tech as well. They assume that devices talk, and training can be done online.

At the same time, though, they like a human touch. They value collaboration with a team, and frequent base touches by management. Sixty-six percent like feedback from a manager every week.

2. They are entrepreneurial.

More than 40% of Gen Z-ers want to start their own business someday. They have an entrepreneurial spirit. About 46% work in the gig economy, where they can bid on jobs they want, set their own hours and maximize their flexibility.

As a result, it’s safe to assume that giving Gen Z a blend of flexibility and responsibility will be appealing to them. People with an entrepreneurial spirit are often self-starters and will appreciate working independently on projects.

3. They want work-life balance.

Work-life balance is a mantra among Millennials, 28% of whom say they are burnt out at their jobs and overworked. Remember, Millennials are Gen Z’s immediate predecessors. They may have heard siblings and friends talk about long workdays and repetitive tasks that leave them no time to have fun.

So, when you’re recruiting Gen Z, stress work-life balance as one of the benefits of your company. They will appreciate 9 to 5 hours – and flex time and work from home options if you can swing it.

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