We’ve partnered with PDP Global to bring Advanced Personality Scans to your team

This management tool is more than just a personality test, it is an in-depth analysis of your team. The PDP assessment allows companies to transform their businesses by truly understanding who their people are, how they operate under stress, what motivates them and how they communicate. PDP also provides tools that gives understanding of how a team works, or doesn’t work, together by making sure you have the right people in the right
positions within your business.

Learn What Makes Your Team Tick

Over 5,000,000 Surveys Completed

with 96% of participants agreeing with their results. PDP surveys deliver the highest level of accuracy, greatest amount of depth, and widest scope of information obtainable from any survey instrument on the market today.

How PDP Scans are Used

Hiring Decisions



Team Building

Communicating Effectively

Transforming Results

People are the heartbeat of your business. Transform your organization by fully connecting to your people. Teams that have embraced our personality scans have experienced higher performance, clearer communication, increased productivity, decreased costs, and raised employee retention rates.

Transform Your Team

Maximize Your Team's Potential

Employee Selection

  • Develop effective advertising for recruitment
  • Improve and simplify interviewing techniques
  • Develop objective selection criteria

Retention and Management

  • Improve managers’ ability to motivate employees
  • Quantify work-related stress and morale
  • Understand how a manager’s style impacts employee performance
  • Match individuals to tasks and hold them accountable
  • Reduce turnover and dissatisfaction
  • Reduce manager and employee time spent in non-productive activities
  • Develop effective managers and leaders

Team Performance

  • Improve communications vertically and horizontally
  • Establish meaningful and objective performance evaluation criteria
  • Reduce interpersonal conflicts
  • Form effective teams or work groups
  • Increase organization’s knowledge and utilization of its people
  • Analyze and define corporate culture

Transform Your Team