Failure to Plan (HR Policies)

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HR policies are put in place to guide your employees and protect yourself and your company. But what happens when those policies aren’t written out, completely defined, or aren’t even there at all? Even if you believe that your policies are understood, it could be misconstrued through word of mouth or disregarded since it isn’t in writing. What happens when there’s a big HR problem? 

Legal Battles and Fines

If there’s an issue that is large enough, it can be extremely costly going through legal battles or paying fines that your negligence has warranted. Do you have the money to pay for that? Can your company withstand the blow? Depending on the severity of the issue, it could be a long battle with lots of lawyer fees or expensive fines that could drain you and your business. These ramifications could go so far as to even having to close your doors. This is avoidable, but it requires planning.

Failure to Plan

Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” This is what happens when you don’t protect your business through written HR policies. You should plan on getting fined or ending up in court. It may have been fine at one time to have a verbal agreement or just handle everything yourself, but not in today’s workplace. You need policies and plans in place to help guide your employees when there are issues. It may not be something that you feel comfortable doing yourself, but there are experts who can do this for you!

How Barracuda Consulting Can Help

Barracuda Consulting can help you put those policies into writing. We get you protected with our trusted solutions and expertise. Our thoroughly developed policies get rules in place – and keep your business on track. Stay compliant with changing HR laws, and stay covered with Barracuda Consulting! Protect what you’ve built, give us a call today!