Human Capital Health Check – Red Dog Construction

Human Capital Health Check - Red Dog Construction

We foster an environment of open communication and feedback.(Required)
Our job descriptions are written to support workers’ compensation, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Equal Employment Opportunity laws.(Required)
Our interview questions are consistent for all candidates applying for the same position.(Required)
Leaders appropriately delegate responsibilities.(Required)
Each employee has clearly defined, measurable, and attainable goals.(Required)
Processes and procedures are documented and accessible to all employees.(Required)
We have a consistent and documented onboarding process.(Required)
People in our organization know what is expected of them.(Required)
We have a system for holding employees accountable for their performance.(Required)
Company policies are reviewed to ensure that they reflect current laws and regulations.(Required)
We hire not only for skill, but also for culture fit.(Required)
We openly communicate our company vision and mission.(Required)
There is complete trust and openness between leadership team members.(Required)
We conduct required annual employment training.(Required)
Our leadership team drives accountability.(Required)
Our recruiting efforts produce quality talent for the company.(Required)
We review our company goals and objectives to adjust to changing market conditions.(Required)
We utilize personality assessments to identify cultural fit.(Required)
We have a clear vision for the future of our organization.(Required)
All employees receive training on company policies.(Required)
We are confident employee coaching and terminations are consistent and within the law.(Required)
We use personality assessments to evaluate team dynamics and better understand our people.(Required)
We provide new employees with necessary training and resources to be successful in their role.(Required)
We provide performance reviews that allow open and honest dialog between manager and employee.(Required)