HR Diagnostics

Our experienced human resource consultants review clients’ current HR situations. They review existing policies and procedures to diagnose issues, whether due to unclear wording or potential costly legal headaches. Our team provides your company with fully vetted employee handbooks, including the following:

  • PTO policy
  • New hire procedures
  • Progressive discipline policy
  • Sexual harassment policy
  • And more

Team Training

The better the employees, the better the company. Empowering and investing in your team creates an environment of devoted leaders. Well trained teams grow substantially faster and are more invested in the success of their company. Our highly qualified and experienced professionals will bring the training to you. We offer:

  • Leadership training
  • EEO training
  • Team building sessions

Additionally, we offer in-depth employee personality assessments and analysis. Staff members having a clear understanding of everyone’s strengths and goals leads to a smoothly operating team with higher success rates.

Barracuda Consulting

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